Choosing playroom furniture that grows with your kids
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Choosing playroom furniture that grows with your kids

I have one son now, but I plan to have a whole gang of kids. I am fitting out a playroom for him, but I want to make sure the furniture we choose will be great for now and for the future — both for my son and for future sons and daughters we might have. I like flexible styles of furniture which can be organised in different ways to support changing styles of play. If you are looking to set up a playroom with furniture that can be used in different ways as your family grows, then keep reading.

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Choosing playroom furniture that grows with your kids

Features of the Best Custom Cabinets

Randall Mitchell

Custom cabinetry can let you make the best use of any space, be that in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, or workroom. When you have custom cabinets made, you can choose the wood, design, finish, and features they include. The last point is important because your cabinets should work for your storage needs and be more than just an empty box. Note a few features of the best custom cabinets available today, and discuss these with your cabinetmaker before work begins.

1. Drawer extensions

Drawer extensions are typically created with ball bearings, and they allow you to pull the drawers almost all the way out without having to actually pull them from the cabinet. If you find that the back third of your drawers are almost always inaccessible, have your custom cabinetmaker add drawer extensions so you can easily reach all the way to the back of the drawer without accidentally removing it from the cabinet.

2. Rollout vertical shelves

This can be a great choice for lower cabinets, as vertical shelves can help you to organize lids to your pots and pans as well as items like cookie sheets, pizza stones, and other thin materials you would otherwise store in a stack. Having vertical shelves that roll out keeps these items organized and separate (rather than stacked), and these shelves will give you full access to these items.

3. Lighting

If you need to keep a flashlight in your kitchen just to see all the way to the back of your shelves, your cabinets may need some lighting. A cabinetmaker can often install LED lights just about anywhere in a cabinet. These stay cool to the touch and provide enough illumination so that you can more readily see those small spice jars and other items in the back of your cabinet.

4. Decorative finishes

Many homes today have an open floor plan that allows the kitchen to flow into the dining area or family room. This means that your cabinets are often in plain view of family and visitors. Rather than choose a simple, plain box design for your cabinets, opt for some type of decorative finish to enhance the cabinets' look. This can be molding around the top of the cabinets or an inlay on the front. If you prefer a clean, simple look, opt for bold accessories such as oversized pulls and handles or large, visible hinges. This will keep your custom cabinets from looking dull and drab.

For more information about custom cabinetry, talk to companies like Kurt Sander Ltd.